Working Papers

No. Name of Project
1 Alternate Solution Approaches for Competitive Hub Location Problems
Tiwari, Richa
2019, WP 2019-12-01
2 Competitive Hub Location Problems: Model and Solution Approaches
Tiwari, Richa
2019, WP 2019-12-02
3 Alternate Second Order Conic Programming Reformulations for Hub Location with Capacity Selection under Demand
Dhyani, Sneha
2019, WP 2018-12-04
4 ‘Allottees’ as financial creditors: pushing the conceptual limits of the Indian insolvency regime
Ram Mohan, M.P.
2019, WP 2019-11-01
5 Ripples on financial networks
Kumar, Sudarshan
2019, WP 2019-10-01
6 Steering the Macroeconomy with a Broken Compass and Stuck Rudder?
Morris, Sebastian
2019, WP 2019-09-02
7 Real Estate and Infrastructure Resolution
Varma, Jayanth R.
2019, WP 2019-09-01
8 A computational algorithm to analyze unobserved sequential reactions of the central banks: Inference on complex lead-lag relationship in evolution of policy stances
Chakrabarti, Anindya S.
2019, WP 2019-06-02
9 Between Aastha and Zee: Mystery of the Missing Market for a Weather Channel
Deodhar, Satish Y.
2019, 2019-06-01
10 Right of recourse claims based on latent defects in the nuclear energy sector in India: brace yourself for fact-intensive disputes
Ram Mohan, M.P.
2019, WP 2019-05-01
11 Buy, Sell or Hold: Entity-Aware Classification of Business News
Sinha, Ankur
2019, WP 2019-04-02
12 Does IT work? Information Technology (IT) in Welfare in India?
Khera, Reetika
2019, WP 2019-04-01
13 Financing Infrastructure in India – Issues and the Way Forward
Morris, Sebastian
2019, WP 2019-03-02
14 Does GST in India Hurt Producing Regions? A New Estimate of the Tax Base Under GST of Select States
Morris, Sebastian
2019, WP 2019-03-01
15 Whose Empowerment? National Digital Infrastructure and India’s Healthcare sector
Chandwani, Rajesh
2019, WP 2019-02-01
16 Overestimation in the Growth Rates of National Income in Recent Years? – An Analyses Based on Extending GDP04-05 through Other Indicators of Output
Morris, Sebastian
2019, WP 2019-01-01
17 Lighting up Lives through Cooking Gas and transforming society
Barua, S. K.
2018, WP 2018-12-05
18 Too much care? Private health care sector and surgical interventions during childbirth in India
Surana, Mitul
2018, WP 2018-11-01
19 Risk-sensitive Basel Regulations and Firms' Access to Credit: Direct and Indirect Effects
Gopalakrishnan, Balagopal
2018, WP 2018-10-03
20 Impact of Price Path on Disposition Bias
Bansal, Avijit
2018, WP 2018-10-01
21 Study of Retail Electricity Consumers’ Response and Perception Regarding Electricity Consumption
Mitra, Krishnendranath
2018, WP 2018-10-02
22 Impact of the Proposed GST on the Consumer Price Index in India
Morris, Sebastian
2018, WP 2018-07-02
23 Lender Moral Hazard in State-owned Banks: Evidence from an Emerging Economy
Gopalakrishnan, Balagopal
2018, WP 2018-07-01
24 E-commerce in oligopsonistic and relational markets – An empirical investigation of transaction costs in agricultural e-markets in India from farmers’ perspective
Argade Aashish
2018, WP 2018-06-01
25 Grapevine or Informed Selection: Significance of Quality Attributes in India’s Emerging Wine Market
Deodhar, Satish Y.
2018, WP 2018-03-01
26 Does Entrepreneurial Logic Impact Funding Evaluation of Startups?
Jain, Rajesh
2018, wp 2018-02-01
27 Leadership and Management of Public Sector Undertakings in an Emerging Economy
Gupta, Vishal
2018, WP 2018-01-04
28 Is the Past Still Holding Us Back? A Study on Intergenerational Education Mobility in India (revised as on 26.09.18)
Kishan P K V
2018, WP 2018-01-03
29 Indian Antecedents to Modern Economic Thought
Deodhar, Satish Y.
2018, WP 2018-01-02
30 Marketplace Options in an Emerging Economy Local Food Marketing System- Producers’ Choices, Choice Determinants and Requirements
Aashish Argade
2018, WP 2018-01-01
31 What Does Matched Bank-Firm Data Tell Us about the Moral Hazard in Lending Decisions of State-Owned Banks in India? (Revised as on January 3, 2018)
Gopalakrishnan, Balagopal
2017, WP 2017-11-02
32 Exploring Linkages between Innovation and public policy- challenges and Opportunities
Basant, Rakesh
2017, WP 2017-11-01
33 Mathematical Modelling for Time-of-Use Pricing of Electricity in Monopoly and Oligopoly
Kaicker, Nidhi
2017, WP 2017-10-01
34 Vertical Integration, Market Structure and Competition Policy: Experiences of Indian Manufacturing Sector during the Post Reform Period
Basant, Rakesh
2017, WP 2017-09-02
35 Globalization and Inequality- A Pathway Through Education (Revised as on 02.04.18)
Kishan P K V
2017, WP 2017-09-01
36 New Approaches to Prediction using Functional Data Analysis
Laha, A. K.
2017, WP 2017-08-02
37 Are the temperature of Indian cities Increasing?: Some Insights Using Change Point Analysis with Functional Data
Laha, A. K.
2017, WP 2017-08-03
38 Managing the Power Grid Ramping challenges critical to success of India’s Renewable Energy Targets
Annaluru, Rajeev
2017, WP 2017-08-01
39 Assessment of Density Forecast for Energy Commodities in Post-Financialization Era
Bisht Deepak
2017, WP 2017-07-01
40 Pricing Option on Commodity Futures under String Shock
Bisht Deepak
2017, WP 2017-07-02
41 The Horror of Urban Development in India – Identifying The Real Issues
Morris, Sebastian
2017, WP 2017-06-01
42 A Study of the Evolution of Nature and Narration of Brands in an Emerging Market
Koshy, Abraham
2017, WP 2017-05-01
43 Transitions in currency denomination structure as supply disruption and demand distortion: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Bullwhip
Joshi Harit
2017, WP 2017-05-02
44 Vehicle Routing at a Food Service Marketplace
Didugu Kavitha Chetana
2017, WP 2017-04-03
45 Turning Over a Golden Leaf? Global Liquidity and Emerging Market Central Banks’ Demand for Gold after the Financial Crisis
Gopalakrishnan, Balagopal
2017, WP 2017-04-02
46 Intra-Industry Trade and Labour Market Adjustment: Indian Manufacturing Sector
Varma, Poornima
2017, WP 2017-04-01
47 Real Time Location Prediction with Taxi-GPS Data Streams
Laha, A. K.
2017, WP 2017-03-02
48 Travel Time Prediction for Taxi-GPS Data Streams
Laha, A. K.
2017, WP 2017-03-03
49 Shiny Alternative for Finance in the Classroom
Varma, Jayanth R.
2017, WP 2017-03-05
50 Enabling a Mobile Cloud Service: Data-Sharing in Ad-hoc Device-to-Device Mobile Networks
Ranganathan, Kavitha
2017, WP2017-03-04
51 India's Horticulture Sector - A Port- Level Analysis of Onion Export Pricing
Varma, Poornima
2017, WP2017-03-01
52 Adoption of Natural Resource Management Technologies under Information Constraints: The Case of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in India
Varma, Poornima
2017, WP2017-02-04
53 Adoption of System of Rice Intensification and its Impact on Rice Yields and Household Income: An Analysis for India
Varma, Poornima
2017, WP2017-02-03
54 Institutional Quality and International Differences in Firm Productivity
Issar Akash
2017, WP 2017-02-01
55 Gold Monetization in India as a Transformative Policy: A Mixed Method Analysis
Narayanan, Priya
2017, WP2017-01-02
56 Global Risk and Demand for Gold by Central Banks
Gopalakrishnan, Balagopal
2017, WP 2017-01-01
57 Optimization of Customized Pricing with Multiple Overlapping Competing Bids
Dutta, Goutam
2016, WP2016-11-02
58 Electricity Consumption Scheduling with Energy Storage, Home-based Renewable Energy Production and A Customized Dynamic Pricing Scheme
Mitra, Krishnendranath
2016, WP2016-11-01
59 Hub Interdiction & Hub Protection problems: Model formulations & Exact Solution methods. (Revised)
Ramamoorthy, Prasanna
2016, WP2016-10-01
60 Speeding up neighborhood search for the tool indexing problem
Ghosh, Diptesh
2016, WP2016-09-02
61 Orphan Food? Nay, Future of Food ! Understanding the Pulse of the Indian Market
Deodhar, Satish Y.
2016, WP2016-09-01
62 Impact of Affirmative Action in Higher Education for the Other Backward Classes in India
Basant, Rakesh
2016, WP2016-07-01
63 Impact of Store format on Shopping Involvement
Sinha, Piyush Kumar
2016, WP2016-06-01
64 Climate Change in Madhya Pradesh: Indicators, Impacts and Adaptation
Mishra, Vimal
2016, WP2016-05-05
65 Socio-ecological Systems Modeling for Climate and Community Resilience
Dey, Anamika
2016, WP2016-05-04
66 Small Retailer’s Merchandise Decision Making: A Grounded Theory Approach
Sinha, Piyush Kumar
2016, WP2016-05-03
67 A Practical Note on Predictive Analytics Usage in Marketing Applications
Banerjee, Arindam
2016, WP2016-05-01
68 Factors Influencing Outcome Expectations and Self-Efficacy in Driving Internet Use in Rural India
Jain, Rekha
2016, WP2016-03-62
69 Measuring the Perceived Impact of Internet on Individuals in Rural India
Jain, Rekha
2016, WP2016-03-61
70 Open Access Temptations: Buyer Beware
Virmani, Vineet
2016, WP2016-03-49
71 An Exploratory Investigation of Impact of Perceived Cannibalization on Salesperson’s Trust, Commitment, Job Satisfaction, Job Performance and Relational Capital
Sharma, Dheeraj
2016, WP2016-03-39
72 Consumers’ Expectations of Sales Events: How satisfied are consumer with shopping during sales events?
Borna, Shaheen
2016, WP2016-03-40
73 Is Conspicuous Consumption of Business Leaders Justified and Morally Defensible?
Borna, Shaheen
2016, WP2016-03-41
74 Pricing For Ecommerce in Emerging Economies
Mandal, Sudipta
2016, WP2016-03-42
75 Marketing Channels for E-commerce in Emerging Markets
Kapoor, Ankur
2016, WP2016-03-43
76 Ecommerce Selling in an Emerging Economy Context
Pandey, Arpita
2016, WP2016-03-44
77 Meta-Analysis for Online Retail Performance
Kapoor, Ankur
2016, WP2016-03-45
78 Antecedents and consequences of Brand Equity: A meta-analysis
Pandey, Arpita
2016, WP2016-03-46
79 An Examination of One Dimension Marginal Distributions: Selling and Non-selling Activities of a Salesperson
Sharma, Dheeraj
2016, WP2016-03-48
80 Human Resource Issues in Maternal and Neonatal Health in India
Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar
2016, WP2016-03-51
81 Empathetic climate resilient frugal innovations for sustainable communities
Dey, Anamika
2016, WP2016-03-53
82 Open Innovation at different levels for Higher Climate Risk Resilience
Dey, Anamika
2016, WP2016-03-54
83 Executive Stock Options: Will It Work as a Good Governance Mechanism in all Scenarios?
Singh, Preet Deep
2016, WP2016-03-55
84 Factors Determining the Roles Board Members Play in Firms
Singla, Chitra
2016, WP2016-03-56
85 Dedicated High Speed Rail Network in India: Issues in Development
Raghuram, G.
2016, WP2016-03-58
86 Impact of Ownership Structure on Agency Cost of Debt in India
Kachwala, Sakina Tohid
2016, WP2016-03-59
87 Auditors’ Consideration of Material Income-increasing versus Material Income-decreasing Items: Are Conservatism and Risk affected by Company Level Information?
Desai, Naman
2016, WP2016-03-19
88 Does Working for a Not-For-Profit Organization Affect the Psychology of Corruption? Evidence from India
Desai, Naman
2016, WP2016-03-20
89 Impact of Continuous Auditing on Earnings Quality and Audit Fees
Desai, Naman
2016, WP2016-03-21
90 Are auditors unable to detect classification shifting or merely not willing to report it? Evidence from India
Desai, Naman
2016, WP2016-03-22
91 Is Marketing a Science: Debate Revisited
Sharma, Dheeraj
2016, WP2016-03-30
92 Trends in Strategies and Performance of the Indian Corporate Sector What has changed in two decades of economic reforms?
Basant, Rakesh
2016, WP2016-03-31
93 Incorporating gender and age in genetic algorithms to solve the indexing problem
Ghosh, Diptesh
2016, WP2016-03-32
94 Ownership Structure and Internationalization of Indian Firms
Singla, Chitra
2016, WP2016-03-34
95 Impact of Board and CEO characteristics on Firms’ Performance
Singla, Chitra
2016, WP2016-03-35
96 Impact of Independent Directors’ Resignations on Firm’s Governance
Singh, Preet Deep
2016, WP2016-03-36
D'Souza, Errol
2016, WP2016-03-37
98 Understanding Coefficient Alpha: Assumptions and Interpretations
Sharma, Dheeraj
2016, WP2016-03-38
99 Examination of Affordable Housing Policies in India
Sarkar, Anindo
2016, WP2016-03-33
100 Is “Make in India” constrained by Indian Labour Market Regulations?
Mathur, Ajeet N.
2016, WP2016-03-57